Established in 1989, HLB Transportation Services, Inc. is a privately owned transportation company based in Dallas, TX.


Utilizing dry vans and refrigerated equipment, we are able to offer a variety of services to all of our customers.  Our flexibility enables you to meet the needs of your most demanding customers every time, all the time.  Dedicated routes, delivering straight truckloads to large retailer’s warehouses or making store direct deliveries for seasonal promotions, HLB can do it.  We offer competitive pricing and exceptional on-time performance.


Customer care and the willingness to go the extra mile have been the driving forces of HLB’s growth and prosperity.  Locally domiciled ownership that is active in all phases of the business ensures our customers that “management” will always be available when the need arises.  Aligning ourselves with the proper partners, combined with all of the above, is the key to our continued success.



Below, you’ll find some of our specialized, complimentary options…

Dry Van Services

Our fleet of dry vans is ready to be staged at your desired location(s) to ensure that your cargo is loaded at your convenience and delivered without delay. Read More..



Temperature Controlled Services

Our fleet of refrigerated trailers are ready to move your temperature sensitive cargo in a time sensitive fashion. Read More..



Dedicated Fleet

There are a myriad of reasons companies choose to operate their own fleet and many do it well and for all the right reasons.  However, upon closer scrutiny it is often determined that the numbers just don’t add up, especially when one factors in the hidden costs that aren’t carried on a balance sheet and are hard to quantify. Read More..