Below, you will find three of the services we’re proud to offer our customers. However, if your freight has special needs, please don’t hesitate to ask how we can accommodate you.

Dry and Temperature Controlled Service

As one of the more established trucking companies in Dallas, we have a unique advantage over our competitors. Our trailer pools allow us to offer dry van and refrigerated service that’s guaranteed to be timely and efficient. Don’t worry about losing valuable time on the inbound and outbound processes. Our trailer pools ease congestion and get your cargo in, out, and on the road in no time! HLB Transportation Services offers local and regional coverage for both dry van and refrigerated/temperature controlled van service.

We recognize that meeting and/or exceeding the demands of your customer, internal or external, is the ultimate goal and, to that end, we can design or conform to just about any distribution model.

Aside from straight truckload service, we also offer the following:

Direct Store Deliveries (DSD)

Spot Service to handles “push” inventories


Transportation Efficiency Analysis

Consignee Specific Cost Analysis

Fleet Management

CPU/Vendor Backhaul Analysis

Customized Billing and Reporting


Dedicated Fleet Services

There are a myriad of reasons companies choose to operate their own fleet and many do it well and for all the right reasons.  However, upon closer scrutiny it is often determined that the numbers just don’t add up, especially when one factors in the hidden costs that aren’t carried on a balance sheet and are hard to quantify.  The biggest one that is constantly underestimated is potential liability, followed closely by “brain drain”.  Brain drain is where the company is expending lots of time and talent focusing on non-core competencies that rarely add to the bottom line as much as if those same dollars were invested in R&D, modernizing plants, M&A activity,    employee development, etc…

The cost of operating a company fleet, combined with the liabilities associated with commercial vehicles is steadily rising, not to mention all of the administrative costs and headaches (hiring/retaining drivers, training, DOT compliance etc…).  When these costs or liabilities get too high we would like to have the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your options.  I am confident that you can remain competitive in the marketplace and reduce your liabilities when outsourcing some or all of your transportation services.  Even if outsourcing all of your transportation needs is not the answer, I am confident that we can help you reduce costs and hassles on a spot or limited basis.

HLB currently provides the following in a dedicated capacity:

Yard Management

Outbound Plant Support

Inbound Plant Support

Interstate Distribution